Playing Crash at Betwinner

Many online casinos have a new exciting game Crash or its alternative variant "Aviator". It is simple, but sometimes very exciting. You can play it both for free, depending on the casino, and for a fee. Many users have appreciated its functionality and have been earning money on a win-win strategy for a long time, but do not rush to make big bets, because each game has its own characteristics. Learn its features, develop a strategy and enjoy the gameplay.

Rules of the game Crash (Aviator)

Aviator is an exciting gambling game for money. Recently, it has been included in the TOP games in terms of popularity, but not everyone is still familiar with it. It's easy enough to play. A small airplane appears on the screen of the device, which gradually takes off. While he is doing this, the amount of the bet multiplied by the random odds automatically increases. The task is to cash out the money before the plane stops taking off.

Game Crash(Aviator)

The rules of the game are simple and are as follows:

  • Registered users can play Aviator. Registration will take no more than a couple of minutes.
  • The game accepts bets, the maximum is not limited in any way.
  • To start playing, you need to specify the bet and click the "Start" button. The plane starts to take off.
  • At the right moment, you need to click the "Cash out" button and the money is withdrawn to the account for withdrawal. If the player does not have time to do this, the entire amount is written off, the inscription “Flew away” appears on the screen.
  • You can cash out money only at the moment when the amount increases by 1.42 times, that is, at a coefficient of 1.42 and higher. At first, the coefficient is 1, then it begins to increase unevenly.
  • The game does not allow betting more than 10% of the amount in the account.

Game algorithm

The algorithm of the game "Aviator" consists of several actions:

  1. The player makes a bet.
  2. Next, press the "Start" button.
  3. The coefficient automatically increases until the aircraft reaches the desired height.
  4. The player waits all this time until a sufficient amount is collected.
  5. When it is acceptable, the player presses the "Cash Out" button.
  6. If the plane has departed, the amount of the bet is written off to the prize pool.

Main characteristics

The game "Aviator" or Crash is a gambling hobby. It is provided by many online gambling establishments and has gained wide popularity in many countries. This is due to its features. The game has the following features:

  • The range of random coefficient increase is from 1 to 200.
  • The minimum rate, but not more than 10% of the balance.
  • Methods of replenishment and withdrawal of money - Qiwi, Yumoney, using mobile cellular operators, bank cards
  • Withdrawal time - no more than 1 hour.
  • Verification is not required, the withdrawal is carried out without its implementation.
  • Bonuses - available, up to 500% on bets and on the casino, 30% - return.
  • The current promo code is CRACK.
  • The presence of a demo mode - yes

Betwinner in Crash for money

BetWinner online casino offers to play an exciting gambling game Crash or Aviator, only in this case the airplane does not fly away, but explodes. The player's task is to stop him in time, taking the accumulated winnings. The game is very addictive, so it is recommended to play it for no more than 1 hour, but you can start it at any time. The time of one round lasts a few seconds, so you can play many games. Finding the Aviator game at BetWinner Casino is easy. To do this, you need to drive in the search bar on the site the name Crash. That's what the alternate version of the game is called. It works in a similar way.

The Crash game is quite simple and not demanding on either the hardware or the user. From the latter, you only need to set the bet amount and click the "Place a bet" button, having previously selected its amount. To do this, the program has visual buttons with the numbers "3", "5", "9", "20", "40" and "100".

You can play the Crash game at the BetWinner casino only after registration. To place a bet, you need to register a personal account. It takes a few clicks, to speed up the process it is recommended to use the social network button to register and then to log in. Choose a currency and replenish your account.

How to fund your account at Crash Betwinner

To play Aviator, you need to replenish your account. This can only be done after registration. The recharge button is on the top right. As a rule, it is always yellow. The casino provides an opportunity to replenish the account in 4 ways:

  • bank cards - Visa and MasterCard are accepted;
  • electronic wallets - you can pay and withdraw from Qiwi, WebMoney, Skrill, Skrill 1-Tap, MuchBetter, Jeton Wallet and Piastrix;
  • through payment systems - the casino works through Neteller;
  • from a cryptocurrency wallet - bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, dash, ethereum, etc.

You can deposit and withdraw funds in the same way. This greatly simplifies the process and increases the reliability of the translation.

If there are difficulties with the withdrawal of wagered funds, then all issues are promptly resolved by the technical support service. To do this, write an appeal or ask a question in a conversation.

How to play crash - basic strategy

There are many strategies for playing Crash or Aviator. It is based on a random increase in the coefficient. The problem is that it grows unevenly in the range from 1 to 200. As in all other slot machines, the smallest multiplier falls out more often and rarely more than 50.

Consider a winning game strategy. It consists in registering the minimum bet at the moment when the coefficient will also be the smallest, that is, you need to withdraw money immediately after the start of takeoff. You need to break yourself and force yourself to make small checkers in order to move forward, and not immediately jump into the abyss and return back. The winning strategy is as follows:

  1. Look out for the lowest odds. It should be at the level of 1.09, 1.00, 1.03 and the like.
  2. Skip 3-4 games and keep an eye on the latest odds.
  3. If the odds are greater than 1.11, you can bet 5 with automatic withdrawal and repeat it 3-4 times.
  4. If on the 4th game the odds are less than 1.09, then it is not recommended to bet. As statistics show, the game is likely to be losing.
  5. After 3-4 winning bets, it is recommended to take a break, because further play becomes dangerous. The chance of losing is increasing. It is enough to wait 10-15 minutes.

The method is quite working, but it should not be abused. It is recommended to make no more than 10 bets per day.

Honesty control in the game Crash

Casino BetWinner provides all its users to control the fairness of the game. For this, a special digital algorithm is used. Players can also compare similar games on other sites. The game "Aviator" or Crash works on a random principle, while it is applied twice:

  • when the coefficient is chosen;
  • the moment of takeoff or explosion of an airplane.

Statistics show that low odds are more common than high odds. This is due to the fact that the smallest shares are more than the high ones. So, for example, coefficients up to 3 are common, but extremely rare x100 and even more so x200. As practice shows, the fallout of the maximum multiplier falls on 150 current bets. In fact, this is what the game is based on. The payout percentage is the same as in classic slot machines, but it all depends on the situation, because the randomness is different. Today he only gives out low multipliers, and tomorrow he shoots big.

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